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If our shoes are not for you, that's okay

Footwear is very personal ... and one of the best things about being able to do events and shows is that you get to see people's responses to our designs.

We'll often take some concept shoes as well for reaction ... and the feedback has helped to determine our production styles.

But we also know there are lots of other great shoemakers out there. Our approach is that there is no point in reproducing them for the sake of it ... if they do something well, then we should all appreciate it, and see it as an opportunity to create something fresh.

And if you're somebody who knows and loves shoes, then why limit yourself to one brand?!

My advice is that if you like the style and quality of the shoes you see, then buy them.

And if you don't, then there's nothing to be ashamed about!

I recall a visitor to our stand at a prestigious fashion show who picked up our black shoe and described exactly how he'd like us to change it to suit what he was looking for. From the toe to the paneling, he wanted a rework. It was quite clear he wanted something of high quality, but rather different to the Govan styles.

I thanked him for his suggestions, and pointed him to the Loakes stand just round the corner. Later that afternoon I dropped by the Loakes stand and mentioned the gentleman ... honing in on the style that I thought that he would have selected (and whereas we have a small collection, they have a wide choice!). And that was exactly the shoe he chose when he'd gone over to them ... it wasn't a style for me, but it was for him. If you're interested, this was it.

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