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The last post - the first step in making your shoes

how-to manufacturing

You'll thank the Govan last. For this is the shape that we use to form the shoe ... we wanted an elegant shape that slims the foot (even on a wider fitting). Once we're happy, we have them made at a specialist last masker in Northampton.

In the past, lasts were carved out of wood, and one of the key skills of the lastmaker was to scale an original design to different sizes - a much more complex task than simply reducing proportionately in all directions Even now, last making is still a craft. Just the material has changed to a durable plastic.

The last takes quite a bit of bruising, and this is reflected in its construction. Each last can weigh a kilogram. If you look at the picture you can see a gap around the ankle and a hinge in the middle.

This is used to lever the heel forward, "breaking" the last, allowing it to be removed smoothly from a completed Govan Originals shoe.

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